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Raise capital

The combined real estate and financial experience of Brookline Branch Services delivers the ability for your institution to maximize the value of your real estate assets. We specialize in Branch Recapitalization transactions and offer attractive financing to banks on competitive terms to the capital markets. This is a unique way to reposition your institution and can provide the following benefits:

  • Convert Illiquid Real Estate into Cash.
  • Unlock Inefficient Uses of Capital.
  • Improves Balance Sheet and Credit Standing.
  • Reduce & Consolidate Overhead Costs.
  • Promotes Operational Efficiency.
  • Offers Strategic Flexibility.
  • Raise Capital Without Shareholder Dilution.
  • Reduce Regulatory Pressures.
  • Improves Liquidity Ratios.
  • Improves Asset Yield Performance.
  • Alternative to Ownership and Conventional Financing.
  • Avoid Debt Restrictions.