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Merger and Acquisition

Integration is a continuing trend in the financial services sector. In 2013 alone, there were 228 mergers and acquisitions announced, up from 223 in 2012. Brookline Branch Services is equipped to assess your real estate portfolio when your institution is contemplating a potential merger to leverage efficiencies and generate new growth. Our skilled team provides a disciplined and sound approach to mitigate real estate risk and uncover value during consolidation.

Acquisition screening and strategic due diligence are our core competencies. We provide a tailored assessment of your current real estate portfolio, and produce an acquisition and divesture strategy that not only projects growth, but demonstrates how value will be maximized. Our team is equipped with state of the art financial and real estate analysis software, including SNL Financial, the FDIC database, and Site to Do Business. Experience matters.

Brookline will ensure that the risks of uneven growth will be mitigated and your financial institution can be assured that new assets are of strategic importance, rather than a potential liability. Those assets which do not fit within your institution’s acquisition strategy will be divested for their maximum value.