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Optionality Audit

Our Optionality Audit is a thorough, detailed analysis of your branch network at both the high, strategic level and the individual branch level. Optionality Audits provide bank executives and strategic planners with a line-of-sight into how the customer markets around your branches are changing and how your branch efficiency could be improved. Our analysis takes into account the physical and market aspects of your branch network and determines what branches fit best into your strategic plans and what branches are underperforming. For underperforming branches, we will offer actionable real estate solutions to help improve occupational and operational efficiency.

Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art financial and real estate analysis software, including SNL Financial, CoStar, and Site-to-Do Business. We also bring years of experience in real estate and banking.

Our Optionality Audit can help to identify:

  • Branches for closure
  • Infill, reposition, and new market penetration locations
  • Branches for modernization and/or downsizing
  • Branches for recapitalization

We also offer Optionality Audits for Mergers and Acquisitions, including:

  • Acquisition screening
  • Strategic due diligence

Contact us regarding how your branch network could benefit from an Optionality Audit today.