What you've been searching for: A group experienced in treating the oversized branch.

A trusted business partner—and an advocate—for the success of your bank branch portfolio.

Brookline Branch serves financial institutions’ growing need for right-sized branches and low-cost capital by partnering with banks on sale-leaseback transactions.

Our professional team works closely with both bank executives and branch managers to come up with collaborative solutions that lead to bank branch success and exceed expectations.

While other real estate companies, hedge funds, and investment groups approach bank branch sale- leasebacks from a purely transactional standpoint, Brookline Branch’s approach is centered on mutual, long-term benefit.

Brookline will purchase a portfolio of multiple branches from the Bank in a Sale-Leaseback transaction. We downsize the space to meet the Bank's future needs and create a multi-tenant location.

Committed, flexible partnership that aligns with your bank branch portfolio strategy.

Brookline Branch understands that every branch is different--and every bank will have a different strategy for their branch portfolio. We understand the nuance and complexity of successful bank branch real estate, and have years of experience executing the planning and work that goes into downsizing over-sized branches, finding the right co-tenants for branches, and ensuring continuity of management and bank control of high-performance locations.

Proven operators that close quickly—and know bank real estate.

Founded in 2001, Brookline has owned and operated more than 3 million square feet of real estate across 8 states and Washington, D.C. Our Principals have a combined 50+ years of commercial real estate business with offices in Florida and New York. The Brookline Branch team has presented to many banking associations including the American Bankers Association, Florida Bankers Association, and IBANYS. Brookline has been featured in both American Banker and S&P Global. Brookline Branch has a broad knowledge and proven expertise meeting the real estate needs of financial institutions.

Meet the Team

William B. Yeomans, Sr.
Operating Manager
& Founder

David G. Van Arnam

Business Operations, Project Management, Engineering & Construction

Kean Clifford
Research, Analysis &
Investment Management

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